Get Started

Easy sign up with a Health Assistant

  • A real human - your primary contact - reviews your medication history with you

  • They help you set up your pillbox with custom reminders to fit your lifestyle

  • Your Health Assistant can also provide a 'how to fill' guide, so you don't have to worry about putting meds in the right place


Receive the pillbox in the mail

  • When you receive your pillbox, it'll work with your schedule right out of the package

  • Each day, week, or month, refill the pillbox according to your dose schedule

  • Your Health Assistant will answer any questions you have about the service


Reminders when you need them

  • Fellow's smart pillbox lights up & chimes if you miss a dose, so you can stay on track

  • You and a loved one can also receive personalized text, call, or email notifications

  • Your Health Assistant sets alerts customized to you, and changes them as needed


Fellow is there for everything

  • Have a question about what your doctor told you at a recent appointment? Fellow can help

  • Fellow's pharmacy team will check your regimen regularly - just to be safe

  • Not sure what time you should be taking a medication? Your Health Assistant can make sure you've got it right

Simplify your medication.

One-on-one support and medication reminders when you need them. Some things are done better together.